eSphere is focused on application level security for mobile devices. This encompasses mobile applications and components running on web servers. In today’s world, mobile applications are easy targets for attackers and malwares. Applications running on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phones can be attacked and unauthorized access can be gained. It is therefore imperative for enterprises to secure their mobile assets and have them assessed at regular intervals. eSphere provides total security solutions to protect these assets during development, deployment and monitoring phases. We provide consulting, training and on-demand services to comprehensively cover mobile security. eSphere Security also develops mobile security products and tools to further strengthen security of Mobile Platform. .

eSphere is serving clients in USA, Asia Pacific and UAE regions and across several industry verticals like finance, media and social. A highly talented team at eSphere with a combined experience of more than 100 engineer years, develops and employs cutting edge technologies and innovative methodologies. Our team members have contributed to books and research articles. They are regular speakers and presenters at various leading security conferences.